Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I can't watch the news. There are fires in 3 states, now it's NSW battling multiple fires. Horrendous. My thoughts are with all those involved with the fires and battling them.
On a lighter note, No.1 son made it back from his overseas holiday relatively unscathed, well, apart from spending one night in hospital in Thailand with severe gastro. He brought me back a lovely Thai silk summer dressing gown and the cutest little backpack.

A friend of mine gave me 3 plant cuttings months ago and assured me that the flowers would be spectacular. I have one that took root and within the last 4 days has flowered. I would of had 2 more but for Hubby not looking and mowing over them. One struggled and sprouted again, gaining height and was starting to look really healthy. Then the usual happened. Hubby mowed over it. He tells me that he thought it was a big weed. I could really smack him some days!
My surviving plant.


  1. I do hope the wildfires calm down and no lives are lost.

    That is a beautiful iris, they multiply like crazy......


  2. Happy to hear your son made it back safe! The gifts he brought you are lovely as is the flower... I love when cuttings take root and produce something amazing! :)

  3. The news of the fires in Australia is really frightening, it sounds just awful.
    So pleased your son is home safe - and bearing gifts too!
    Men and flowers... What can you do? But the one survivor looks beautiful! xxx

  4. I really hope the fires stop. Thinking of all those in those parts of Oz.

    Love the presents from son.

    What a beautiful Iris, not a weed!

    Sft x