Sunday, 17 July 2016


Well some good weather showed up yesterday and I finally got over the urge to shove my head in the toilet. I guess the Winter Blues affects everyone differently and with the cost of living outstripping wages, some days seem bleaker than others.

However, we are past the shortest day of the year, so everything can only get better. Mind you, I have also discovered that a nice glass of wine in the evening also helps. I usually go into the liquor store after work, late in the evening, looking dishevelled and feeling every bit my age. The young man in the liquor store asked, " Can I help you Miss? " I am definitely going back there!!

Anyway, here are some snaps from my bush walk yesterday. We spent the afternoon at the Mt Worth State Park.

Fungi the size of dinner plates.

Fern Heaven

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Life is a drudge.

Sometimes you go through periods of your life when everything looks grey. It doesn't help when its horrible and cold outside and so miserable that even the dog would rather hold his bladder till bursting than go outside. Brandi the Ragdoll has disappeared into her drawer and won't come out again till she can settle down and go to sleep on No.2 son's face.

Ladybug, the Burmilla, has disappeared into the wardrobe and will only appear to feed her face, use the litter and stink the house out. Hubby is snoring on the lounge. Every now and then he snorts himself awake. I crept in and turned off the TV. Immediately he was awake and demanded to know why I turned it off.  I replied " You are asleep! ", to which he said," No I was watching".

Sigh. Some days are just not mean't to be. Excuse me while I go and shove my head in the toilet!