Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Humpy Humpy Romance - The Case of the Rejected Suitor.

One young,(neutered) gentleman named Baxter, in his prime and alone. Into his life crashes a beautiful vision, tall, lithe, hairy and single. Unfortunately also just been de - sexed.
All these unusual feelings are being stirred within him as she lies provocatively around the house.
" I know", he thinks to himself, " I'll just test out these unusual feelings on this hairy amazon".
So he saunters up to her as she lies carelessly on her bed. He batts his liquid eyes at her. He moves in and licks her on the face.


One slightly disoriented and confused Baxter lurches away. She can't be serious. He thinks he will try again, after all, he is devastatingly handsome.


Ok, the rejection is now complete.

I'm at a loss.

Baxter is such a pest.

I tried to tell him, really I did.

Haahaaahaaaa. I have been wanting to smack him for ages!!


  1. Rejected and laughed at - poor Baxter !

  2. Oh I am feeling rather sorry for poor confused Baxter, doesn't he look dejected?! I bet the cats are laughing themselves silly at him (on the inside, because obviously cats NEVER smile on the outside.) xxx

  3. poor old Baxter. Great post and great comments.


  4. Sooo funny, love it. Poor Baxter. Look at those sad eyes, want to give him a big hug x