Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ok, It's New Year and........

My lovely Hubby gave me a new camera for my Birthday/ Christmas, and since I only worked out how to use my old camera recently after having it for  *cough cough*  many years, the relationship between myself and the new camera thingy is going to be interesting. For one thing, it has more zoom. God help me. That means more buttons and push thingy's. But, as they say, the show must go on. I shall perservere, I shall stay the course, and I WILL figure out how to use the bloody thing and all it's buttons.

Now for something completely different:
Things are afoot in the vegie garden.

The parsley has gone to seed.

Hmmm, I have just figured out how to get rid of the date stamp. There is hope for me yet!


  1. you and me are so alike its scary!!!

    Gill in Canada

  2. I'm just like you with gadgets. Takes me forever to learn how to operate things much to my husbands frustration.

  3. I have had my point-and-press camera for years and still don't know what all the settings are for... Perhaps I should actually read the instructions at some point! Good luck with the new camera, I am sure you will figure it out! xxx

  4. Thank God is doing photography - he can show me !
    Happy New Year to you !

  5. Ha, I yearn for a new camera, but as I don't really know how to work the old one, it seems rather silly of me! I'm very hopeless with technical stuff. You may find that you get obsessed and soon can work it like a pro!!!

  6. Just popped over from Going Gently (funny blog, for sure). I'm the same with cameras but I find that the new ones give you wonderful photos without you having to get too involved with all the bells and whistles. Looked back on a few of your posts. Lovely cats you have. They are pure-breds so I imagine you have had them from kittens. Gorgeous. Are you in England? Deb (Canada)

    1. Hello Deb. Both my cats are actually rehomed. I got Brandi at about 18mths and Ladybug at 4yrs old. Yes they are both pure breeds, Ragdoll and Burmilla.Glad you dropped by. :)

    2. I live in Southern Australia in the state of Victoria.