Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sad/ Happy Mess.

Well No.1 son has finally found a unit to move into with a friend. My eldest will have finally left the nest for good as in not coming home on the weekends to have his washing done and eat me out of house and home. I know I am going to have tears in my eyes when we finally leave his flat after moving in the rest of his boxes that have been sitting in closets gathering dust for 3 yrs. Even though he hasn't lived at home for the last 3 years, he still came home at weekends, so in effect it felt like he was still here. I will feel like I did the day I had to return to work when he was 8mths old, due to financial circumstances, I cried like a baby. I didn't want anyone else cuddling him. I will be a complete silly old blubbering woman  this coming Sunday, and I don't care.

Now on the up side, more food will survive the week, my washing machine will sigh with relief, my house will be de-crapped, no fighting between the boys and one less "god  mum you are such a nuff nuff " comments. The bathroom will be available on weekends when I want it, and I can sing in the car to my hearts content. If I sing in his car he threatens mutiny!

God I am going to miss him.
The big mess.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sign of the times.

Hubby and I were wandering around the local shopping centre when he spotted this sign.

He muttered, "but will they respect me in the morning?".
In other news, No.1 son is still home. Excuse me a minute while I sob. He has put in applications at a few real estate agents for a couple of places, but so far no takers. I asked him if they take bribes!! He 'tidied' up a bit which means that I now have a full quarter of my dining room full of stuff. Much better than having it strewn across the whole room he tells me. Oh I know I should be grateful. In his dreams!!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Land gales and Movie Stars.

It was blowing a gale here today. We get a few land gales during the year, though usually during the winter months. The ladies,( chooks), had all their water blown from their container which hangs under cover in the chook pen, so that gives you some idea of the wind strength. My garden has died a thousand deaths due to the dry hot weather, and I don't water lawn. So I have a lovely covering of dry grass.  I thought that today I would try and post a short video. After a few moments of trying to find the right button/symbol, I was on my way. Of course I had  two captive "actors", who think they are divas already and totally ignored the director!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Foot in Mouth Disease.

I have been known to make some spectacular gaffe's in my life, providing a constant source of amusement to my family and friends. This is mainly because my mouth is about 5kms ahead of my brain. A case in point is as follows:

Bonsaimum: How could Oscar Pistorius  do what he did? After all he had everything and the world at
                      his feet.


No.1 Son: Mum, he has no feet!

Bonsaimum: Well, you know what I mean. I don't come across many legless men!

Hubby and No.1 son didn't speak to me for a couple of minutes because they couldn't stop laughing.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


No.1 son has moved back home, just until he can find a place to live closer to his University. When he moved out about 2 yrs ago his bedroom began to undergo a conversion to a study, ( its a long drawn out process, it would have been quicker to remove my own liver). So needless to say, he now sleeps on the couch. He assures me it is only for a 'few months', yes, I know, famous last words.

I am now back to having an extra nose sniffing out every portion of food that has the temerity to enter the house, extra washing, complaining, and basically crapping up my house!  I knew I should have changed the locks!!

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2.
I think I need a stiff drink.......

Saturday, 9 February 2013

A bikie chick.....I don't think so.

I have probably mentioned before that Hubby and I used to ride motorbikes. We hope to go back to it once No.2 son finishes his final high school year, which is this year. So when I saw the advertisement for the Vietnam Veteran's Motorcycle Clubs car, bike and tattoo show, I thought "why not".

We got there at about 2.30pm and it was HOT.  Hardly any shade and 31C. The first place I tried to buy a drink had run out. Brilliant!! In fact if I didn't find a cool drink asap, I knew I would probably need one of these.
What a way to go.

The paddock was full of show cars, some good and some way out.

Aaaah, retirement. In my dreams!!!!
I finally found some water and stood quietly melting away with as much dignity as I could muster.
I even found a Lord of the Rings aficionado......

There was the usual tattoo competition. I could not believe that someone would tattoo their head! Just the thought of it gave me a headache.

Anyway, after all that excitement, we arrived back home and the dog's were being dodgy. Sure enough, Baxter had gone into No.1 son's bag, dragged out his chocolate assortment box, and decided to eat a few. How do we know it was Baxter?  Well the bag of unopened white chocolate balls on his bed sort of gave him away.  I could swear I saw Sorcha smirk!! He is now out the back sulking. There doesn't seem to be any ill effects. "Pity", I heard Hubby mutter.

Ladybug, not fussed at all by the goings on.

Monday, 4 February 2013


Ok I have to come clean. We have a hairy member of the family that is suffering from the above, until now, unknown condition.

I hang my head at the shame of it all. Hubby rolls his eyes. No.2 son just announces " she's such a tart Mum. "  Oh the horror!!!!  I am reliably told there is no cure.

What do you think?  Is a pattern emerging????

Maybe we won't  invite the local women's association around!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Just Life.

Well there I was, sitting, half reading and half listening to the TV.  I looked up and caught the end of an advertisement looking for the next Top Model. "I know, I'll enter the competition and win. Stranger things have happened."

After a moments silence No.2 son replies, "Do they have a Novelty section?"

Ah yes. A son only a mother could love.