Monday, 31 December 2012

The Big Cleanout.

Well we have spent the prelude to New Year doing something really exciting....Cleaning out the garage! I just don't know how I cope with this exciting, fast paced life we lead.  Until about a 18mths ago, I used to go riding on my motorcycle, following Hubby around the countryside. I could not figure out why the bike was do darn heavy. I guess the muscle wastage from RA had something to do with it. I have not given up. My bike needs the back brake repaired and light,( a result of being run off the road and ending up in a gutter).

However , No.2 son is greedily eyeing my bike, so Hubby and I have decided that I will sell him my bike, when he is ready, and we will get a CanAm Spyder in our retirement. I must say my helmet hair is something to behold.

My Baby

We also had some loud visitors.

 Have a Safe and Happy New Year.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Christmas Lunch Hangover.

Hubby sneakily took a very fetching photo of my recovering from a humungous Christmas repast. Just watch this space as I return the favour.... and I have infinite patience.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Golden Balls.

Well it's nearly Christmas, the town is humming with the sound of cash registers and not a spare car park in sight. Meanwhile, here at home, we are all getting into the Christmas spirit......... some more than others.

Baxter in his Christmas 'finery'
Bonsaimum: Hey everyone, look at Baxter with his golden balls.
No.2 son: Great, they will replace the ones he's lost!


Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Thought I'd go for a little wander today in the town just west of us. It used to be a delightful little country town but the developers have moved in and the real estate agents are living mighty finely. It is still a good town, but with increased population growth comes all the associated problems including increased crime. Our local paper just reported the arrests of 5 youths, all aged 14 and 15. All were arrested for burglaries, theft etc. Little darlings. Pity the days are gone when the police could give them a kick up the backside.

Anyway, back to the walk. The weather was rather humid and luckily not many people were around. Once, as you drove down to the local park, all you could see was greenery, but now  the housing developments are ruining the view. Oh well, such is life.

Small lake area.
Kangaroo Paw
Water lilies

Monday, 17 December 2012

Up Up and Away.

Well Sunday saw No.1 son fly out for three weeks of fun. He is off with some of his friends to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He came home, without his washing, on Saturday to drop off his car and say goodbye. I am not worried. The fact that he virtually had to pry me off him as I hugged him goodbye at the train station..... get off me mum, for god sake get off me, god you are so embarrassing!!

Meanwhile, someone has been eating and killing my cactus.
The evidence.

Was it you Baxter?
Nope. I have an alibi, ask Brandi.
Was it you Brandi?
Nope. I have an alibi, ask Baxter.
That leaves only one suspect.
I should have known-  AL Ladybug CAPONE.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Hairy Nemo

 I have a very strange household, human and critters. How? Well let me tell you about Hairy Nemo. I have a very battered rain gauge, hung on the end of my vegetable patch. I used to empty it regularly until Hairy Nemo decided that he loved living in it, just above the water line. I don't know how he does it as in summer it would be like a sauna in there. Hmmmm, maybe he likes the health benefits. The other day I was wandering about in a fog, when I accidentally turfed him out. He waited patiently for me to realize the enormity of what I had done. I put the rain gauge on the ground and he crawled right back into it. I even refilled the water for him. I felt like I had been chastised. I think I need therapy!!!

One old rain gauge.
Hairy Nemo

Sitting just above the water line.

Friday, 7 December 2012

High Noon.

I can't believe it. I have been mugged by my own chooks! Here I am, a grown woman of a certain age, being held at bay and pecked if I dare move by 3 femme fatale's. It's No.2 son's fault. He did not do his chores last night and 'forgot' to feed the darlings. They like their special grains and like them PRONTO.

With a deep breath I charged at the posse and made it to the feed container in one piece. 10mins later, with grain in abundance, all is forgiven. In fact it was group hug time.

Gertrude giving attitude.

Audrey looking like she knows nothing.

The femme fatales-Audrey, Gladys and Gertrude.
Meanwhile back at the ranch......

I told you I heard intel on the planned rebellion.

Pssst- heard the latest?

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sealed Pot Challenge.

I have joined the Sealed Pot Challenge over at I think this is a fantastic idea and look forward to the challenge. Below is my sealed tin which I hope to fill with $2 and $1 coins. I think I'll go and pop my first coin in now.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Well I Never...

I just happened to look out my back window expecting to see the local blackbirds in conference on how to breach my vegie patch defenses, when I spotted a visitor . Excuse the first few photo's as I was taking them through the glass. The last one I managed as I came out the back door. Unfortunately he didn't hang around. Just click on the photo for a closer view.

Hmm, what have we here?

I think some glass cleaning is in order.

Kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree....

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Motherly Love

So it's Sunday morning. No1son, (yes he's back with his washing), No.2 son and myself are watching some music show on T.V. On, is a video clip of some female singer gyrating around.

Bonsaimum:" These people can't sing to save themselves. It's all voice production and skimpy costumes that get the music sales. I know, I can't sing either, so all I need to do is put on a skimpy, booby revealing, very tight costume and my singing won't be a problem. I'll sell millions."

No.1 son:"In that case you should stick to the singing."