Monday, 14 January 2013

Let the games begin.....


Bonsaimum: Sorcha is scanning the perimeter. I think she is planning a breakout.
Hubby: No, she won't jump the fence. She is just checking the yard.
Bonsaimum: I still think she is planning something.
Hubby: You are worrying about nothing. Trust me.
Bonsaimum: It's not you I am worried about.

Fast forward to Monday morning:

Bonsaimum arrives home from grocery shopping. Notices one very harassed Hubby. Turns out that Sorcha used a compost bin that was against the fence as a launching pad to next doors backyard and their dog. Hubby was blissfully unaware until he heard yelping. She had finished playing with next doors dog and realised she could not get back over the fence.
One very embarrassed Hubby had to go and retrieve Sorcha from the neighbour who was also blissfully unaware that a strange large hound was prancing around with her 'guard' dog.

The result:

Compost bins emptied and moved. Trellis will be making an appearance on the fences to make them higher.

Just wait until he sees what else I have in store for him!


  1. oh no you've got an escape artist on your hands!!


  2. Ha, she's just checking out the neighbourhood - and the neighbours! xxxx

  3. Clever girl ! ( poor cat ) So sorry I haven't popped over for a while so much on at the mo so the reading of lovely blogs on the back burner.

    Sorcha is gorgeous - especially in the naughty corner !