Sunday, 27 October 2013

Motorclassica. Part 1

Well, it a typical Spring day, cool, grey and spotting rain. So off to Melbourne we went, Hubby, myself and No.1 son. We were on our way to the Motorclassica, a 3 day event for Classic and Historical car nuts. Of course, we paid for No.1 sons's ticket, how did that happen? Every time he tags along he is broke!
Just inside the gate.

Plenty to see outside the building.

If only I had the keys.

We headed inside, it was busy as people looked over the cars. Many were for auction later in the evening. Anyone got a spare A$200,000+ ?

Just a small part of the show.

Of course, I got distracted and was grinning like an idiot checking out the architecture.

So I shall show some of the gorgeous cars next post. I am now taking my aching bones for a snooze. I finally landed a part-time job. Not very glamorous but at my age I can't be picky. I am on six month trial with a cleaning firm. Guess what I get to clean?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Picture This.

The other week the Grand Prix was on and Hubby and the boys were watching. Baxter was sleeping(as he does),on the couch. Sebastian Vettel won the race and therefore the German National Anthem was played. Baxter looked up, sat up and stood to attention. Quite appropriate for a Dachshund we thought.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Vanishing Act.

Brandi is a loopy cat. At night she sleeps on me, and when I used to move, she would jump off and run. Now, she just rolls with the movement and re-settles. Well that is if I am not too close to the edge of the bed and she falls off with a dull thud. I swear I can feel her disapproving stare through the darkness. I wait, she waits, then she launches herself at me and lands like a dead weight on me. Sigh! If that is not enough, she will then decide to sit at no.2 son's door and call to be let in. I must admit that I am impressed with her vocal range at 2am. Hubby just wants to lynch her.

Silent plotting.
The Evil Eye.
Lately she has decided that she can vanish by using the lace curtains as a cloak of invisibility. As far as I know she has not seen the Harry Potter movies. She 'hides' behind these curtains and waits for Ladybug to wander by and then pounces on her. She will 'hide' and stay absolutely still as I walk by calling out her name. Not a whisker twitches. The other day I burst her invisibility bubble. I knelt down and said "I know you are there Brandi, your invisibility cloak has a fatal flaw".
What fatal flaw?

I pulled up the curtain, and saw the look of absolute horror that she had been discovered. Mind you, she still does it.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Another Saturday Arrives.

Friday night, at approx 21 hours..

Now we shall see who is really in charge around here. I have kidnapped the most important object in the house.......The REMOTE.  Hahahaaaaaaa.

Hmmm...,now what channel should I choose?

Decisions, decisions.

Saturday. We survived and rescued the remote from the feline megalomaniac. Meanwhile, life is springing in the springtime.

Peaches coming along.
And lastly,
Gumnuts. Ever heard of the children's book Snugglepot and Cuddlepie? They wore Gumnut hats.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Spring in one's step.

I just love it when my fruit trees flower. It is impossible not to feel good.

Courtesy of my apple tree.