Friday, 30 November 2012

Internal Combustion.

Well, yesterday was VERY hot, today less so, but it was the humidity that did us all in. If the change doesn't come through soon I am going to either end up a puddle on the floor or internally combust. I would usually sit in front of the fan but No.2 son had a friend over and, like most teenagers, they felt the need to shut themselves off from the rest of humanity WITH MY FAN!!!!

Ladybug and Brandi disappeared, and have only re-appear this evening, though still exhausted. Baxter, well nothing short of a nuclear bomb fusses him. I'm getting too old for this heat business, like old cheese I tend to go mouldy in heat!!.


Where's my air conditioned cat house? Humans!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Quiet Wednesday

Nothing much happening today. Made some more soap today and decided to colour them. Since I am not into chemicals in my soap, I decided to try tumeric. I was aiming for a light golden colour but ended up with a light pumpkin tone. Oh well, can't have everything.

I'll put them away for 6 or so weeks and then they will be ready to use. Then it will be time to make the next batch. Such is the rhythm of life.
Bought the two divas new collars today, (Ladybug and Brandi ), I shall duly post them modelling them. Brandi is hiding behind the curtains at the moment and Baxter is sitting as still as a post just staring at her.  He has now moved beside the curtain and it waiting to ambush her. My foot will be aimed at his butt should he execute such a move.

Brandi is the lump behind the curtain on the right.

Its going to be 36C here tomorrow, God forbid.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Feeling Appreciated.

Another lovely Sunday here down under. Late morning, lazy breakfast, morning papers and an even later morning tea. No.1 son is home for the weekend -( translates as he's brought home his washing) - and reading his favourite  magazine 'Top Gear'. He informs us that he can download an app on his phone from the magazine that allows him to get additional material on the articles. We all nod at him like we care.

So there he sits, listening to all the 'extras' on his phone, when Arabic music starts playing. I look at Hubby, he looks at me, then we both start to belly dance in front of No.1 son. "Stop being idiots" he says.
So later, I'm on the computer:
Bonsaimum: - "Guess what? We can get Christmas cards with our family photo on them".
No.1 son:-"Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, not fear".

I wonder when he's heading back!

A Talking Book Enthusiast.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Big Brother.

You can't even shop without being watched. Plucky little fellow, didn't even mind a mad woman whipping out a camera and pointing it at him.

Magpie 007.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Wondrous Friday on my Mind.

The sun is shining.

The weeds are flowering.

Baxter is Sun Worshipping.

The Kiwi fruit is growing.

The Ladies are consulting.

Baxter is making suggestions.

Make a wish.

Beauty is in the little things.
Bees are buzzing.

Yes I finally caught the little buggers on film-which translates as," I finally figured out a button on my camera!!"
Hope you all have a good Friday.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Spot the Bee.

It's been a lazy Monday morning here. Morning tea with some friends and then home to see how Hubby a la tummy bug is progressing. It seems he will survive to fight another day. I was passing my flowering bottle brush bush when the loud sound of buzzing bees caught my attention. Hmmm, how about trying to photograph a bee a work, produce a photographic wonder like I have seen on- line. Yeah - right.

Several things counted against me.
1. I am not a photographer
2. The bloody bees wouldn't stay still!

Still I am nothing if not pig- headed, and I was determined to catch at least one bee on film. Mind you, it was just impossible to film the native bees as they are so small compared to the European bees. So see if you can spot the bees--I dare you.

The Music of the busy bee
Is drowsy, and it comforts me;
But ah! 'tis quite another thing,
When that same bee concludes to sting!
                                         Andrew Downing.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vet Affairs.

As you know I have a Dachshund named Baxter. Basically he's my little lap warmer and I think he's it and a bit. Hubby thinks he's a little shit pain in the butt and says very uncomplimentary things about him in his presence. I have to cover his little ears or he will need therapy!!!
So imagine Hubby's delight when I informed him that I was taking Baxter to the vet for his annual vaccination. Hubby thinks a shovel will do him a world of good!!!! So here's how it went.

Come on Baxter, time to wake up.
5 mins later
Don't you get more comfortable - get out of bed.
 Finally, we breakfasted and got him into his harness.Off we went. Half an hour later-:
I'm crushed, how could you????
Anyway after his check up, (which involved swollen anal glands to be cleared), one very stinky Baxter and Bonsaimum returned home.
Hubby: "Get that stinking dog outside"
Bonsaimum; "Don't be horrible, he's been through what no dog should and still retain some dignity".
Hubby:" I know what I would like to do to him........".
So I gave Baxter some treats to help him over his embarrassing ordeal. I think all has been forgiven.
A dog and his bone.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Stage set: Act 1
Hubby sitting in lounge chair, no.2 son in chair to hubby's left. The lounge door is half open. Bonsaimum arranges herself so only half a leg and arm is visible on the door, coughing to announce herself. She then slinks in winking at hubby.

Act 2.
No.2 son: "Mum, what the hell are you doing? "
Bonsaimum: "Trying to look sultry for your father"
No.2 son: "Well don't"  rolls eyes.
Hubby: "Is that what it is, I thought you were having a fit! "

Some day.................

Even Brandi was 'not amused'

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bed - Making Stand-Off.

Some days my lovely hairy critters are not very co-operative, like today. All I wanted to do was make the bed and move on to the rest of my chores. ( I am very OCD and like to do my chores in a particular order ). The hairy critters had other ideas, because they had both decided the bed was the place to be and no-one, I mean no- one was going to interfere. ( I think I have OCD cats! ).

Now I like a challenge and decided I would get up close and personal so they would be under no illusion that I mean't business. This is what happened.

You talking to me?

Bugger Off!

I have heard of Mutiny on the Bounty, but Mutiny on the Bedspread???

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day.

This morning we went to a Remembrance Day ceremony. Hubby had to attend to represent his work, so as usual Baxter and I tagged along. The weather was absolutely brilliant, could not have asked for a better day. The day is to remember Armistice Day, the cessation of hostilities in WW1. It was particularly bad for Australians as our population then was around 4 million and about 400,000 volunteered.

It was a small gathering, but those who died from the Neerim South area are still remembered, and that in itself is a blessing.

Setting up.
The ceremony.
On a lighter note, I decided to scare you all with my teapot pose.

Shirt: op-shopped
Pants: retail, on sale
Shoes: retail, on sale, so cheap it would have been criminal not to buy them.

Friday, 9 November 2012


How can one possibly end the week on a high note? With a book sale of course!

This flyer came in our local paper, and who am I to ignore such a summons? I arrived about 20mins early( as you do ), and stood there nearly exploding in anticipation. The appointed hour arrived and in we all shot. A huge room full of tables and books.....I nearly shouted hallelujah but I was drooling too much. I made a beeline to the autobiography section, then the philosophy, gardening and crafting sections. The going was tough in the gardening/cooking arenas, but I managed a great little book on lemons and cooking with them. I also grabbed some gardening books, but it was slim pickings. Boy those women are tough!
Finally, I could carry no more and literally limped to the pay desk.( I am going to so pay for this tomorrow, I'll have hands like balloons.) Anyway, a lovely man with a trolley took my books to the car and son no.2  hauled them inside when I got home. Hmmm, maybe he is useful after all.
So now I am going to greedily grope and fondle my acquisitions and spend the next few hours in Nirvana.  To hell with the housework!!!

Don't you just love library book sales?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Perfect .

What happens when you get the right temperature and weather?

An explosion of vivid colour.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Exercise Those Little Legs.

Suns out-whooopeeee. Hubby had to go into work, so Baxter and I came along for the ride. It's good to take him to different places to walk and terrorise the locals. It's hard having little man syndrome!

 Hubby works in the town of Neerim South, so his workplace is partly surrounded by farmland. Its a beautiful part of the world there.
Views from the back of his workplace.

His workplace also has some beautiful roses. It was an effort to get the photo's because Baxter had found something goopy that he was determined to eat, and I was equally determined that he wasn't.I ended up wrestling him. Bonsaimum 1, Baxter 0.

The top bush is a bottlebrush I think with lovely pale yellow 'flowers'. Now Baxter is resting to aquire the strength for his next adventure, god help us!