Sunday, 29 April 2012

Productivity Plus

Today turned out a very productive day. Peter finished putting the ground level wood barrier around the vegie patch, so no more birds or mice, and I finally finished all the laundry that No.1 son very kindly brought home with him. No.2 son has spent all weekend washing trucks, and I finally restocked my Bicarb.

Soba working hard as always

Lots of lemons
We buy Bicarb in 25kg bags and store it in a 100litre barrel.We use it for everything from washing teeth,clothes, surfaces and cooking. Once full, the barrel lasts us for years-literally. Oh, and when you combine it with vinegar, it unblocks drains. I have only had to resort to store bought drain cleaners about three times in nearly 30 yrs.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Lazy Afternoon

It seems that the days are passing by so fast that I'm getting blurry vision. It has been pretty miserable weather wise here the past four days or so, and everyone, including the four legged members of the family have been feeling a bit low. I managed to whizz Baxter and Soba around the block a few times this week. Poor Soba, about half way through the walk he's already knackered. He just concentrates on putting one paw infront of the other knowing that his comfy shed and bed are awaiting him at the other end.

Baxter, on the other hand, suffers from small man syndrome. He has to announce his presence by marking every damn tree he passes and walks with tall man authority. The cats, on the other hand, have spent all week lounging on No.2 sons bed. The only reaction to a pat has been a yawn and" go away"look from Brandi, and a" what do you want" look from Ladybug.

Need I say more?

Homemade dishcloth
I also finished knitting my self a cotton dishcloth. Yes, you can buy them cheaply, but these are hand made from cotton and will last for a good while, plus it gave me a sense of satisfaction though it took ages to do, as I could only knit for 5 or so mins at a time. The Rheumatoid arthritis is such a pain!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

No Rest For The Wicked.

Well, you could not ask for a better day. The weather was just splendid and all I wanted to do was sit in  a chair with a good book, and read while listening to the parrots calling from the trees. However, it was not to be. As usual most of the day was taken up with dropping No.2 son to work and getting odds and sods, such as some wood to repair the vegie patch. The birds have dug under the wire and they have also figured a way of getting through the door. Smart little beggars!
My bokashi is full and due to be put into the vegie patch in the next couple of weeks. Bokashi is a home compost system that basically gets the vegie offcuts to a certain point and then you bury the contents in the garden for the composting process to complete. I use this method in conjunction with my compost bin and tumbler system outside.


I also had some paperwork to do and of course I just had to be helped by Ladybug. Have you ever tried to use the computer with a cat that is determined to walk under your chin, and then swat you with a huge tail. Oh for the patience of an angel. There was of course an ulterior motive.. to tease Baxter.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Friday the 13th. It Happens.

So there we were early on the morning of Friday the 13th, thinking that it was going to be an easy kind of day. Wrong! Peter and I went out for a few hours only to return to a very worried looking no.2 son. Well the fact that that the house was still there was a good sign, so what was so upsetting? It turned out that our phone line and more imporantly for no.2 son, the internet, went dead.

I must say that after 4 days of no phone or internet, Peter and No.2 son were becoming quite crabby. We do have mobiles but our house is full of "dead" zones, so they are not that reliable. It seems there was a loose connection at the exchange and we are now back on line. Mind you, one advantage was that no.1 son couldn't ring home---only joking.

A bucket full of soap

On a brighter note, I made my first batch of vegetable oil home- made soap. It took longer to trace than most peoples, but after 5 days it is fantastic. I didn't add any colouring or fragrance,and as this is my first ever attempt, I'll just keep practising.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Blood

It is amazing how young blood can cheer up the elderly. Take Gertrude for example, no eggs at all for weeks and weeks, yet today she laid an egg.Go girl!! It seems the arrival of Audrey and Gladys has given Gertrude a second wind. It may only be poultry but I think the principle is the same with humans.

I have noticed the proliferation of ''lifestyle" villages where all the older people, usually 55yrs+, live together and share recreational facilities. Goodness grief I couldn't think of anything worse. Its just one more step closer to Lawn Bowls then Old Age homes, then Death.... Its a shame that older people are not included in family life these days, like the old extended family times. No.2 son had to deliver some pamphlets to one of these places a couple of months ago-oh my god-to me it just looked like an expensive caravan park, you know that cabin type accomodation?

Gertrudes effort on the right.
I have always said that when I am old and decrepit they are not to park me in any village where, as a captive audience, I will have to sit and be sung at by visiting song groups. Anyway, I intend to live so long as to be a bloody nuisance to my sons. Payback--oh yeah.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Well Dressed Man.

Well, Easter is over and its back to normal. I splurged today and bought a new coat for Baxter, purple  of course, he is such a purple type of guy. A friend brought back a gift for Baxter from the Crufts Dog show in England. It was a chain and collar ensemble and he just had to have a new coat to go with it. Well that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Of course I got that look from No.1 son and Peter- you know, the pitying one where they feel the need to call for the men in white coats. Oh well, I still think Baxter looks rather suave.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Alone No More.

I wrote the other day how our chook, Enid, passed away, leaving Gertrude alone. Everyday since, when we approach the run, she races out to greet us. She no longer lays but deserves a good retirement for services rendered. So today we took a drive to get her some company and start our egg production again. Enter Audrey and Gladys. They tried to maintain as much dignity as one can while being stuffed in a box for the trip home. We just heard the soft trills from them as we wound back home-a good sign we thought.

Audrey and Gladys

Who are these ladies?
When Peter let them loose in the run-off they took to inspect avery nook and cranny. Gertrude took it very well. A few headbutts now and then just to let them know that she was there first, but otherwise it was all remarkably cordial. If only humans were so easy to get along with. I checked them out a couple of hours later and apart from a disapproving look and a slight telling off  from Gertrude, all was well.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Time.

some of the chocolates.
Well it's Easter already and I am still getting over Christmas. Where does the time go? Why does it go so damn fast? As a family we don't go overboard buying hugely expensive chocolate eggs etc, we make our own as it's cheaper and way more fun. ( I get to lick all the spoons when finished). This year I am making little chocolates and one solid bunny for each of the boys. I am also making chocolate muffins with a choc melt inside each and then drizzled with chocolate sauce- served with coffee of course. I hope you all have a good easter break and most of all-stay safe on the roads.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Well both Peter and I spent the day cleaning up the front yard. I admit I can't help like I used to, but I just approach the tasks like I would eat an elephant--a bit at a time. The shrubs were very high maintenance in terms of the constant trimming, and I just couldn't keep up with it anymore. We are therefore going to plant out a hopefully low maintenance garden, or at least one where I don't have to stand on 10ft ladders wielding implements of destruction.

Soba couldn't be bothered moving from his sunny spot to check out the source of all those chainsaw,mulching and mowing sounds wafting from the front garden. Baxter, on the other hand, was out like a shot to do the inspection rounds. I don't think there was anything he didn't stick his nose into!
Well that went well, didn't it!
A good third of yard opened up.
On a sad note, the blackbirds will now have to find another home. Now all  we have to do is come up with a plan. How hard can it be?

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

One of those days.

Today has been one of those days. First my Enid died this morning, leaving Gertrude running around all alone. I know I am probably weird, but I really feel it when they pass. Then while we were at the tip offloading all our shrubbery, the ute refused to start. Thankfully a lovely man came to the rescue with some jumper leads and another with his car, and in no time we were on our way again.
Then we had to get two new batteries for the ute as they were basically useless. Half an hour later and hundreds of dollars poorer, we left the battery business.

Enid in the front.
I refuse to get down, not only about Enid, but also about my budget being blown out of the water by the batteries choosing to kick the bucket at the worst possible time financially. I guess its the glass half full scenario, you know, these things happen always when you need it least, but you just got to get on with it. However, there is always a silver lining. Peter hates spiders, so guess who decided to camp inside the utes doorframe? A large huntsman. It is always amusing to watch a grown man checking every inch of the ute before getting inside.