Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Weekend That Was.

Well there goes another weekend....whoosh. The older I get the faster the time goes. I decided that I had better de- weed the vegie patch. So out I sauntered, took one look at the weed infested patch and went straight back inside. However, I had to take a photo of one of the weeds that is growing sky high in the patch. It flowered, a bloom I have not seen before.....well mainly because I have not let the weeds get so big.
What the.......?

 Maybe I should just give up trying to cultivate vegetables and just grow weeds. I am so damn good at it!!
 I then decided that it being such a nice day, I would wash the bed linen. I know my life is just so exciting.
So I walk into the bedroom  and what do I see?

Oh for goodness sake you two!!!
You REALLY don't expect me to MOVE do you?
I give up!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Strange Critters

As you know, I often find strange things in my backyard. For one thing I know it is part of the local cat highway as I often see strange cats just casually walking across the chook pen. I have also seen cats,( one in particular), just saunter down the driveway as if they own the place. Now I know that the climate is playing up and as such, strange beasties turn up on my plants, but this one stumped me. I have not seen one of these before and probably won't again. Any suggestions?

Strange Being in my garden.
Quite prehistoric looking.

My friends have labelled me Sadie the cleaning lady! It should be the dripping lady. By God it's hot in those hothouses. I am sure I leave a trail of drips!!  By the end of my shift I look like I have crossed the Sahara.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Motorclassica part 2.

Well another week has passed. I have survived my first week of work. The R.A still seems to be under control, all is looking good. I am an environmental services officer, well that's what one organisation called my position. What is it really--- I am a cleaner of..........Daadaaa toilets!! I work for a firm that has the contract in a humongous hothouse. At least I have my foot back on the workforce ladder. Any job is a good job at the moment.
Below I have some more photo's of the Motorclassica.
Love the side car

But where do you put the shopping?

The Mini. My first car was a mini, still miss it.

Look who I found outside, patiently waiting for his owner.