Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nice and Dry.

Well we survived another horridly hot day yesterday. 41C. The alerts and fire information were all over the radio and TV telling us it could be another day as bad as Black Saturday, Feb 7 2009. Thankfully it wasn't. I remember standing on the roof of my house in 2009, watching the darkness getting closer and embers falling on me. We were lucky there was a wind change and the fire didn't make it into town. It was the first time ever I had our car packed and was ready to go. My friend who lived about 10 mins from us had the fire stop just short of her home but the house at the end of her road was burnt to the ground. The people of Kinglake and surrounds suffered horribly and there were many deaths.
So we stuck by the portable air conditioner. Outside the air conditioned room, in the hallway, it was about 32C!

Today we went for a drive to buy some plant pots. I took some photo's of the country side to give you some idea of just how quickly the green fields brown off and become very dry.
Acres of dryness.

It is positively cool here at the moment- only 29C.


  1. We have just had the wettest year since 1910.
    what is happening to our world?

  2. Yes, the UK is clearly getting your share of the rain... I really would not cope well with that heat, how does anyone actually DO anything?! xxx

  3. Hi Bonsaimum!

    I'm really sorry to hear that you are suffering from fires in your part of the world. But I'm glad your safe.

    What an amazing bike! No wonder your son wants it! LOL!

    Didn't know Galahs were noisy. You learn something every day.

    Hope you are getting on better with your camera now.

    Sft x

  4. sending you our cold & rain with love x