Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vet Affairs.

As you know I have a Dachshund named Baxter. Basically he's my little lap warmer and I think he's it and a bit. Hubby thinks he's a little shit pain in the butt and says very uncomplimentary things about him in his presence. I have to cover his little ears or he will need therapy!!!
So imagine Hubby's delight when I informed him that I was taking Baxter to the vet for his annual vaccination. Hubby thinks a shovel will do him a world of good!!!! So here's how it went.

Come on Baxter, time to wake up.
5 mins later
Don't you get more comfortable - get out of bed.
 Finally, we breakfasted and got him into his harness.Off we went. Half an hour later-:
I'm crushed, how could you????
Anyway after his check up, (which involved swollen anal glands to be cleared), one very stinky Baxter and Bonsaimum returned home.
Hubby: "Get that stinking dog outside"
Bonsaimum; "Don't be horrible, he's been through what no dog should and still retain some dignity".
Hubby:" I know what I would like to do to him........".
So I gave Baxter some treats to help him over his embarrassing ordeal. I think all has been forgiven.
A dog and his bone.


  1. O,poor Baxter!!! The indignity!
    How cruel of hubby not to be more sympathetic!
    My friend Alannah has a daschund called Sadie.Sadie is quite loopy, but awfully cute!
    Funny critters!

    1. Yep that's for sure, and endlessly entertaining.

  2. So glad you found me cos I love it over here ! Poor Baxter.

    My grandparents had a Dachshund called Tilly. I don't remember them ever having to do things about anal glands ! Perhaps I was never told ! Tilly got very fat & developed Diabetees. My grandfather - normally a very squeemish man had to take a urine sample every morning to test then inject Tilly. She became very thin & looked like a puppy again.

    Hope Baxter is over his ordeal !

    You might enjoy the Blog " Going Gently " ( on my sidebar ) John has lots of animals & had to do his dog's bum the other was hilarious !

    1. Yep Baxter is back to normal and all is forgiven. I'll pop over and have a look at Going Gently. Good to see you. :)

  3. Me again ! turning up like a Bad Penny ! Just realised we met at Mum's Virtual Tea party !

    I'm going to Follow you - ha ! Sounds like stalking ( actually a friend in Australia who reads my Blog says that she feels like a stalker ) Don't think my little picture will show up tho - it's shy !

    1. LOL. Yep that right. Actually I was going back over some of my posts and didn't realize that more people had commented on my blog at the tea party--thats why it took so long to say hello. (bonsaimum is contrite).

  4. And that's why I don't have any pets yet!!! I love dogs, but dealing with stuff like that.. maybe when the kids are older! I'm defo a dog person over a cat one mind you. I grew up with crazy cocker spaniels..

    1. I can understand.I am definitely on my own when it comes to Baxter, the rest of the tribe think he's a nutcase. We didn't have dogs for a while the kids were really young.

  5. Oh dear, poor Baxter, he deserved his treat after THAT experience!
    Your husband could do with a little more empathy - ask him how he would feel if his anal glands were swollen and in need of attention... Ha! xxxx

    1. LOL.I dare not ask for fear of my mortality!!!