Monday, 19 November 2012

Spot the Bee.

It's been a lazy Monday morning here. Morning tea with some friends and then home to see how Hubby a la tummy bug is progressing. It seems he will survive to fight another day. I was passing my flowering bottle brush bush when the loud sound of buzzing bees caught my attention. Hmmm, how about trying to photograph a bee a work, produce a photographic wonder like I have seen on- line. Yeah - right.

Several things counted against me.
1. I am not a photographer
2. The bloody bees wouldn't stay still!

Still I am nothing if not pig- headed, and I was determined to catch at least one bee on film. Mind you, it was just impossible to film the native bees as they are so small compared to the European bees. So see if you can spot the bees--I dare you.

The Music of the busy bee
Is drowsy, and it comforts me;
But ah! 'tis quite another thing,
When that same bee concludes to sting!
                                         Andrew Downing.


  1. I saw the bee and I love the bottle brush bush. I have a flowering shrub I call the Bee Bush as I don't know what it is called. It's quite common so suppose I should look it up but I like it being the bee bush.

    1. I think I like the name Bee Bush. Short and sweet. The bees kept burrowing into the flower so it was quite difficult to photograph them.

  2. I saw the bee's bum in the first one when I enlarged the poto!!! Also saw a bee in the last that bottle bush so pretty.


    1. Yep I probably photographed more bee bums than the whole bee!!