Sunday, 25 November 2012

Feeling Appreciated.

Another lovely Sunday here down under. Late morning, lazy breakfast, morning papers and an even later morning tea. No.1 son is home for the weekend -( translates as he's brought home his washing) - and reading his favourite  magazine 'Top Gear'. He informs us that he can download an app on his phone from the magazine that allows him to get additional material on the articles. We all nod at him like we care.

So there he sits, listening to all the 'extras' on his phone, when Arabic music starts playing. I look at Hubby, he looks at me, then we both start to belly dance in front of No.1 son. "Stop being idiots" he says.
So later, I'm on the computer:
Bonsaimum: - "Guess what? We can get Christmas cards with our family photo on them".
No.1 son:-"Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, not fear".

I wonder when he's heading back!

A Talking Book Enthusiast.


  1. My son watched the TV programme Top Gear repeats all the time. Drives me nuts !
    I tried a belly dancing class once - the only fitness class where a wobbly belly is an asset !

  2. Haha.. I'm dreading the teenage year. I like it now when they all think I'm really cool and nice!! In 5 years there will be a seriously different vibe around here I'm sure!

    1. Just as long as they don't pat you on the head when they get taller like mine do. :)

  3. Love that naughty kitty photo!
    Oh kids, they do nothing for your ego, do they? My eldest (all of 10 years old) prefaces her insults with " no offence, mum, but..." None taken, darling, water off a duck's back! xxx

    1. LOL. You are lucky. At least they try to soften the blow!!