Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Quiet Wednesday

Nothing much happening today. Made some more soap today and decided to colour them. Since I am not into chemicals in my soap, I decided to try tumeric. I was aiming for a light golden colour but ended up with a light pumpkin tone. Oh well, can't have everything.

I'll put them away for 6 or so weeks and then they will be ready to use. Then it will be time to make the next batch. Such is the rhythm of life.
Bought the two divas new collars today, (Ladybug and Brandi ), I shall duly post them modelling them. Brandi is hiding behind the curtains at the moment and Baxter is sitting as still as a post just staring at her.  He has now moved beside the curtain and it waiting to ambush her. My foot will be aimed at his butt should he execute such a move.

Brandi is the lump behind the curtain on the right.

Its going to be 36C here tomorrow, God forbid.


  1. 36 degrees is hot. I don't do hot and yet I find myself again and going to hot places 40 degrees plus in Greece last year !

  2. Hmm, I struggle in the heat as I get older, probably just as well I live in the UK amid the cold and the drizzle!
    Did you avert the ambush? xxx