Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Stage set: Act 1
Hubby sitting in lounge chair, no.2 son in chair to hubby's left. The lounge door is half open. Bonsaimum arranges herself so only half a leg and arm is visible on the door, coughing to announce herself. She then slinks in winking at hubby.

Act 2.
No.2 son: "Mum, what the hell are you doing? "
Bonsaimum: "Trying to look sultry for your father"
No.2 son: "Well don't"  rolls eyes.
Hubby: "Is that what it is, I thought you were having a fit! "

Some day.................

Even Brandi was 'not amused'


  1. Well, you can't expect kids to appreciate their mum being sultry, but I think your husband needs a good talking to - having a fit indeed! xxx

  2. Hah ha! Cheeky buggars!
    Your posts are classic.. Love your little slices of life! Great score of books a few posts back! Nice work!

    Loving the jelly beans down the side too by the way!