Friday, 9 November 2012


How can one possibly end the week on a high note? With a book sale of course!

This flyer came in our local paper, and who am I to ignore such a summons? I arrived about 20mins early( as you do ), and stood there nearly exploding in anticipation. The appointed hour arrived and in we all shot. A huge room full of tables and books.....I nearly shouted hallelujah but I was drooling too much. I made a beeline to the autobiography section, then the philosophy, gardening and crafting sections. The going was tough in the gardening/cooking arenas, but I managed a great little book on lemons and cooking with them. I also grabbed some gardening books, but it was slim pickings. Boy those women are tough!
Finally, I could carry no more and literally limped to the pay desk.( I am going to so pay for this tomorrow, I'll have hands like balloons.) Anyway, a lovely man with a trolley took my books to the car and son no.2  hauled them inside when I got home. Hmmm, maybe he is useful after all.
So now I am going to greedily grope and fondle my acquisitions and spend the next few hours in Nirvana.  To hell with the housework!!!

Don't you just love library book sales?


  1. I ADORE book sales!!!
    I adore books......there is nothing better than a pile of books waiting to be read! And when they're bargain priced, you feel free to pick up all sorts of different things, and I love broadening my horizons!
    Hurrah! XXX

  2. That is an awesome pile of books! Helga's right, when they are really cheap, you take a chance on stuff you might not pick up otherwise, and discover new subjects and authors. xxx