Friday, 30 November 2012

Internal Combustion.

Well, yesterday was VERY hot, today less so, but it was the humidity that did us all in. If the change doesn't come through soon I am going to either end up a puddle on the floor or internally combust. I would usually sit in front of the fan but No.2 son had a friend over and, like most teenagers, they felt the need to shut themselves off from the rest of humanity WITH MY FAN!!!!

Ladybug and Brandi disappeared, and have only re-appear this evening, though still exhausted. Baxter, well nothing short of a nuclear bomb fusses him. I'm getting too old for this heat business, like old cheese I tend to go mouldy in heat!!.


Where's my air conditioned cat house? Humans!


  1. Sounds so uncomfortable. I'd lie in a cold bath ! Hope the humid spell breaks.

  2. Oh no, I would struggle so much in all that humid heat! How do those kitties manage, with their glorious long fur?! xxxx

    1. It beats me, they seem to find an air flow that is cool enough for them while the rest of us fry. :)