Monday, 4 March 2013

Picture This.

So here we were at around 4pm Sunday evening. Both Hubby and I exhausted after moving No.1 son down to his unit in Melbourne. Well to be truthful, Hubby was exhausted from driving for HOURS and moving furniture and boxes up 3 flights of stairs, and I was exhausted from supervising and being confined in a ute for HOURS.  No.1 son blithely stated in the morning that the whole thing wouldn't take all day. ( Sending daggers over the ether to No.1 son). There was also the usual, "I need a small corner desk, would you and Dad mind just stopping by Ikea on the way after we drop off the first load and then we can continue on and pick up the second load?"

So back to 4pm Sunday. Some of the units have balconies that face the road. As it was a hot day, 29C, there were people just sitting on their balconies enjoying the shade and slight breeze. Everything had been unloaded and taken up to his unit.  No.1 son comes down to wave us off. I get out of the ute to give him the mother - of - all squeezie hugs.  He puts out his hands and says not to do anything smoochy as there "are people watching". So I gave him a big squeezie, squishy hug anyway!


  1. Good on ya. Can't leave him without a big hug and we mums have to embarrass our kids now and again. It's fun to watch them cringe x

  2. You deserved that hug ! How are you feeling about it all ?

  3. Good for you. Start as you mean to go on!
    Love from Mum