Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sad/ Happy Mess.

Well No.1 son has finally found a unit to move into with a friend. My eldest will have finally left the nest for good as in not coming home on the weekends to have his washing done and eat me out of house and home. I know I am going to have tears in my eyes when we finally leave his flat after moving in the rest of his boxes that have been sitting in closets gathering dust for 3 yrs. Even though he hasn't lived at home for the last 3 years, he still came home at weekends, so in effect it felt like he was still here. I will feel like I did the day I had to return to work when he was 8mths old, due to financial circumstances, I cried like a baby. I didn't want anyone else cuddling him. I will be a complete silly old blubbering woman  this coming Sunday, and I don't care.

Now on the up side, more food will survive the week, my washing machine will sigh with relief, my house will be de-crapped, no fighting between the boys and one less "god  mum you are such a nuff nuff " comments. The bathroom will be available on weekends when I want it, and I can sing in the car to my hearts content. If I sing in his car he threatens mutiny!

God I am going to miss him.
The big mess.


  1. Ahh! Never mind he may come back for a visit (with washing) soon.
    Love from Mum

  2. Ahh, your big boy is flying solo! You can cry if you want to - then have a long bath and sing as loud as you like! xxxx

  3. Yes you will miss him - no doubt about that. I'm already getting a lump in my throat about Jess going away & she soesn't leave til June !

    I keep chipping away at husband that we will have to do more together when both children have flown the nest.
    I have been such a full time mum so will need to fill the gap.

    I hope you are singing loudly - I'll sing with you- how about Simple Minds " Don't you forget about me "? !