Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Backyard Happenings

Well everything is back to normal. Baxter has taken a liking to squishy balls, so today I bought him the perfect Baxter size squishy ball. He grabbed it immediately and raced outside to play and try to dismember this wonderful object of desire.  He tried to 'break' it's neck and then happily rolled all over it to scent it.

Sorcha, on the other hand, was just too busy sunbaking to take much notice at first,( it was 35C today). Finally the continuous growling and slurping made her raise her head for all of 1 min to observe the proceedings. Satisfied the situation required no action, she resumed her sunbaking.

Baxter and his new squishy ball.

It's mine.

It's love.
A girl has to work on her tan.

What is that boy up to now?
I thought I would show you Ladybug 'helping' No.1 son pack last Saturday.

Someone has to make sure he doesn't take the silver!!


  1. Our neighbours ahve a new dog, called Baxter!
    O, Ladybug, so sweet! X

  2. Oh that Baxter, all frisky over his new ball! Sorcha looks thoroughly disinterested, and Ladybug looks like she might be muttering sarcastic insults under her breath... I love your creatures! xxxx

    1. I can tell you that Ladybug certainly has attitude. Mind you, I don't appreciate it at 2am!!

  3. I was just going to say Lady Bug has attitude !
    There is a cat like her down the road whom Dillon tries to chase even though he is on a lead. The cat sits under a car glaring at Dillon & not moving an inch.
    I hope Sorcha turns over to get an even tan and does that lying on her back legs akimbo thing to get het tummy tanned.
    I assume she has applied factor 50 ?