Saturday, 9 February 2013

A bikie chick.....I don't think so.

I have probably mentioned before that Hubby and I used to ride motorbikes. We hope to go back to it once No.2 son finishes his final high school year, which is this year. So when I saw the advertisement for the Vietnam Veteran's Motorcycle Clubs car, bike and tattoo show, I thought "why not".

We got there at about 2.30pm and it was HOT.  Hardly any shade and 31C. The first place I tried to buy a drink had run out. Brilliant!! In fact if I didn't find a cool drink asap, I knew I would probably need one of these.
What a way to go.

The paddock was full of show cars, some good and some way out.

Aaaah, retirement. In my dreams!!!!
I finally found some water and stood quietly melting away with as much dignity as I could muster.
I even found a Lord of the Rings aficionado......

There was the usual tattoo competition. I could not believe that someone would tattoo their head! Just the thought of it gave me a headache.

Anyway, after all that excitement, we arrived back home and the dog's were being dodgy. Sure enough, Baxter had gone into No.1 son's bag, dragged out his chocolate assortment box, and decided to eat a few. How do we know it was Baxter?  Well the bag of unopened white chocolate balls on his bed sort of gave him away.  I could swear I saw Sorcha smirk!! He is now out the back sulking. There doesn't seem to be any ill effects. "Pity", I heard Hubby mutter.

Ladybug, not fussed at all by the goings on.


  1. I think Baxter was set up !
    I've always wondered about Tattoo'd heads - what a waste if they decide to grow their hair back ... guess they wouldn't.
    You do make me smile, most parents of a certain age go on cruises, buy a caravan, brew real ale or take up golf or crochet & you are getting back to biking !

  2. I don't know HOW you do it in that heat- I simply couldn't stand to be in such heat.. You Aussies are built of tough stuff! Love the bikie pix! x

    1. You should have seen me when I got home--flaked out on the couch!!! Glad you are back. :)