Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Take Home Dinner.

We are a single income family and try as much as we can to live frugally. My vegie patch is ready to go, I make our soap, clothes washing powder, surface cleaners etc. We buy most of our clothes from op-shops, we don't go out very much and I cook the majority of our meals from scratch, including snacks and we have the ladies for our egg supply. So the next step was why not catch some of our own food? Hubby loves fishing and he usually spends hours playing with the fish but none actually come home with him. So I, in my delusional brilliance, said that I would like to fish with him. I mean how hard can it be?

So today was a beautiful day and off we went to fish. He took me to the local dam saying that it would be a good place for me to start. We had to go down the side of the dam to the fishing spot. Not a good idea with my knees, but anything for love and food!
We finally reached the spot.

He set me all up.

I was raring to go and after one hour of casting, getting snagged in grass, in trees and nearly hooking myself, I had enough. Did I mention I also fell on my butt in the water??? So hubby suggested we move to a more open spot on the dam where I could cast more safely. Grrrrr.

Onwards to the dam.
So back up we went and drove back to the dam picnic area with lots of open water. It had to get better! We found our ideal spot, Hubby rigged me all up again and away I went. This time things went better and I didn't end up in the water. I only got snagged 3 times and managed to get free but lost the lure when I got snagged for the 4th and last time in the rocks aaargggh....... meanwhile Hubby was fishing away happily.

I had given up and began to take pictures of dragonflies.
Can you see my little dragonfly?

I think Hubby finally took pity on me and suggested we call it a day. So there I was, damp bottom from my dip in the river and fishless.
So Hubby suggested it was a good thing we didn't rely on fishing to eat. But then again, it was my first try and between the two of us surely some fish will be silly enough to be fooled by our lures. After all, again, how hard can it be?

Bye bye fishies - I'll be back.


  1. Who knew fishing was so tricky?! Well, you are a novice so you can't expect to find it easy, I suppose! Looks a beautiful setting anyway. Will you go again, or leave the fishing to your husband? xxx

    1. Definitely go again,but then again I am thick!!!! I am determined to catch a damned fish. :)

  2. Can't say I can see a dragon fly!

    1. Try clicking on the photo and you should see it in the larger picture :-)