Monday, 29 October 2012


 Thankyou everyone for your comments during the virtual morning tea. I enjoyed it so much I went to a morning tea today as well. I must confess that on Monday's and Thursdays, I get together with a small group of like minded ladies who all subscribe to the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra. We are also op-shop addicts.

I wandered into one of my local op-shops last week and there, waiting for me, was the linen sun dress of my dreams and it ticked all my boxes. Black, my size and cheap. A match made in heaven. I do have bright coloured clothing, but I have always been very partial to black.

It looks like I shall get a chance to wear it soon as it's going to be 30C here for the next few days, then it's dropping to 19C....ah, such is Spring.


  1. I think that op-shopping karma dictates that if you do the right thing, donate and reuse and recycle, eventually the items of your dreams will find you! I bet you will get tons of use out of your dress, you can layer it up when the weather is cooler. xxx

    1. Yep, you are right about the constant turnover of items and I'm sure I will wear the poor dress to death. :)

  2. isn't it great when you can just walk in a store and something just jumps right out at you?


  3. It sure is but it is getting harder as people are going thru the thrift stores to stock up on items to sell.