Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Little Drive.

Sunday-cold again. We decided to take a little drive, so about one and a half hours later we rock up at a place called Sandy Point, a seaside village. The beach was fantastic but mightily cold - it certainly woke me up! On the way we stopped in a little town called Fish Creek for a cuppa and I spotted, well actually you couldn't miss, a huge art deco style pub. Unusually it had a big fish on the roof, as you do.
See the fish on the top left?
Wind through his hair at Sandy Point.
Nice and brisk.
Coming back from the beach we were fascinated by a particular tree. I guess the constant wind had just pushed it to grow this way.
Looks like it is trying to sneak out.
Finally we wound our way home through the lush farmland, home to a cosy warm heater and a good book.
Homeward bound Jeeves, homeward bound.

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  1. Why don't more buildings have fish on top of them? Brilliant! And what an amazing tree. I bet you felt tired after a brisk walk in the sea air, but a good kind of tired. xx