Friday, 28 September 2012

Funky Friday.

Well the good weather lasted ooh 2 days and now we are back to cold and rain, rain and more rain. So what does one do on such a miserable day? Waste time in a nice warm shopping centre!! Its funny, but since I shop for about 90% of my clothes at op-shops, wandering around the shopping centres with all the glitz and glamour does nothing for me. Even Hubby has in the past bought some fantastic suits from the op-shops for work and he leaves each morning for work looking a million dollars. Mind you, the more these people spend at glitzy shops, the more that gets recycled in the op-shops which is a win for me.

The other day I found these beauties in our local op-shops. I spotted them from across the room and thankfully there were no lovely elderly ladies in my path or I would have mowed them down, baby!!
I was in heaven when the next 2 things happened:
1. They were my size
2. Hubby said "Get them"
I didn't need to be told twice. They were all leather and the grand total of $6.00

Then in another op-shop, I found these, again all leather.
So anyway, back to the glitzy shopping centre. I finally found these, on sale of course.

So excuse me while I polish my new acquisitions to the strains of Stray Cats. Wohoooooo GO Baby!!!!!


  1. Great finds! Once you are used to op/charity shop prices, it's very difficult to stump up the cash for retail prices, everything seems exhorbitant to me! Can't recall the last time I went "proper" shopping, I just don't bother anymore. xxx

  2. Me too - malls just don't hold the excitement that op shops do for me! It's the thrill of the chase, and the surprise aspect that does it for me!
    GReat scores! Love those boots!