Monday, 10 September 2012

Oh The Winds of Doom.

This past week we have had our fair share of land gales. Wind gusts of 100kms or more for 3 days. Every year we get a few days here and there of gales, but this year there were more than usual in one hit. We live on the upside of a hill, so you can usually hear the roar building up as it races towards the houses. Having 2 very large gum trees out the back, every time a land gale hits I worry. So I guess this will be the year that we finally remove them. I will miss them as they attract the most beautiful birds who play and create a general raucus. We will replant, but with more appropriate trees that don't constantly drop their limbs.

Hubby got to work after the worst of the land gales and found some damage.
On a brighter note, I finally caught Brandi for another photo.

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