Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Seat Royale

Some days you wonder who is actually the boss in the household. A year ago my hubby, Peter, finally bought himself a leather office chair. It is very comfortable-well it is when he gets to sit in it. You see, Peter has been overthrown and his seat overtaken by Brandi.
Brandi is not content to mix with the other four legged riff-raff, oh no, she has humans in her sights, and Peter in particular. He managed to dethrone her yesterday, but then spent 10mins getting all the cat fur off the seat. It is amazing just how many crevices in a seat can be filled by cat hair.

So after 10 mins of not so nice language and threats, and one very put out cat, he was able to sit in his own seat. Having said that, there is always tomorrow.......

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