Saturday, 31 March 2012

It's Saturday!!

There is nothing better than the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans in the morning. How I love my morning coffee and I am not fully human until I have a cup. After a leisurely breakfast, Peter got to work on clearing out the last bit of the Mother of all Hedges. Armed with his trusty chainsaw, he began cutting it down to ground level. It's a work in progress.
Meantime I decided to check the letterbox. There was inside, the biggest huntsman I have seen to date. I don't blame him/her as the letterbox is a nice safe haven and many a huntsman before has set up home there.

I excitedly told No.1 son and showed him my picture of spidey. The response: "eeeewww, why didn't you kill the disgusting thing?" No appreciation that boy. I also took a photo of my heirloom Geranium. A friend gave me some cuttings and they have turned out absolutely georgeous. Another friend gave me a piece of Aloe Vera to plant this week. I'll see how it goes.

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