Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fred, the Huntsman.

Well it has been a magnificent day and I have been able to do some weeding around the fruit trees. Weeds are the bane of my life and seem to multiply everytime I look at them. Most of my friends use weed killer, but I just can't bring myself to use the stuff. I usually use vinegar, hot water, or when really over run with the blighters, a heat wand.
Weed killers obviously make life much easier, but just the thought of all that stuff going into the soil gives me the chills.So I just keep at it as best as I can. I would use the chooks to clean up but unfortunately the dogs think the chooks rightly belong in their mouths.
I said previously that I like huntsmen spiders. I am sure that Fred read my mind for this evening as I was opening my recycle bin, there he was, on his own, no Florence, but I am sure she is nearby. Well I think its a Florence. Come rubbish collection day, I gently relocate them. They always end up back in the bin- sort of like homing pigeons without the upkeep.

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