Sunday, 18 August 2013

Why Do I Bother?

No 1 son was complaining about all the work he has to do at University, how tough life is etc etc. I stood it till I could stand it no longer, wanting to remove my own liver.

No.1 son: It costs heaps and all the reading I have to do...........

Bonsaimum listening: Yada yada yada yada..................

Bonsaimum: Look , your father and I have both been through it. Yes it's hard, yes it's time consuming, yes it probably all seems useless to you at the moment. You will be glad you did it.

No.1 son: Yes, but mum, things have moved on from when you went to Uni. They don't use stone,hammer and chisel any more!!


  1. Ha, Don't you just love them.

    I love my children dearly but am rather dreading their presence at Husband's 50th birthday bash - one arriving home from three months away / several time changes & the other from a music festival.

    I'm not expecting much useful conversation from them with our guests !!!

    1. Ours 'disappear' when friends arrive. Apparently we are all too boring for them!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes indeed. Unfortunately they run faster than I do nowadays so I will have to start practising my throwing technique!

  3. God, yes, two hours with the chisel and my hand was always knackered!

    You're so right. He may moan like crazy now but later he'll be glad he did it and thank you for getting him to uni. Anyway, don't uni students always moan about everything?

    1. That's for sure. He can moan about things but I have perfected the' I am not listening' technique. About 10secs after he starts complaining I reduce it to background noise. Works like a charm.

  4. don't you just want to smack them over the head....LOL