Friday, 2 August 2013

As Long As You Don't Touch.

My son's have officially labelled me a dirty old woman. I disagree entirely,though my responses cause them to look at me in an 'aha' way. I recently discovered the True Blood series and sat through seasons 2 - 4. Now anyone female and breathing who has seen the series would have to agree that the  actor who plays the role of Eric is quite delicious. My justification for watching this series is:
a) I definitely don't follow it for intellectual stimulation.
b) I love the eye candy.
c) I was not drooling.
They are my arguments and I'm sticking to them!!


  1. I am so out of touch, I don't watch any of these TV series and have no idea who any of the actors are! But if you are enjoying it, that's fine by me, carry on! xxx

  2. Alexander SkarsgÄrd is the actor, I see. Haven't come across him before. Haven't seen True Blood either. But I can see the female-appeal there! I think my equivalent would be CJ in The West Wing. So does that make me a dirty old man?

  3. Think my teenage son is watching this watching this for the hot girls

  4. OMG I've been missing out...never heard of this series. I have now though...and Will be watching! lol.

  5. Anyone over 40 is past it? Rolls on floor laughing....