Sunday, 11 August 2013

Missing in Action

Another sunny Sunday here, so off driving we went. No.1 son had returned to Melbourne to start his next semester of University and No.2 son went to his girlfriends place for the day,( so much for studying). When we are not home Baxter gets up to mischief.

1. He pulls the pillows off our bed and tunnels under the doona!
2. Any chance he gets he will terrorise the cats.
3. Any packaging left around he will pull it apart looking for food.

I tell you, coming home to find a lump in my bed,( no it's not hubby), who thinks that if he does not move a muscle I won't notice is becoming slightly annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if he stenched up hubby's side of the bed, but no, he sleeps on my side. Rotten animal!

So today we get home and all is silent. Yes, there is a lump in the bed, but no sign of the cats. Ladybug has probably gone into the desk drawer again. How something her size gets in the drawer in the first place is mind boggling - maybe she has been taking lessons from Dynamo the magician! Brandi is nowhere to be seen until hubby points towards the bathroom. Well at least she wasn't in the sink!

If I stay absolutely still.......
Not moving a muscle.
Am I invisible yet?


  1. What a precarious perch!
    Love from Mum

    1. You should see some of the weird places she deposits her body!!

  2. Dogs are such a mystery sometimes! What's the big attraction of the pillows and the doona? Perhaps he associates them with something in his long distant past....

    1. I think if he keeps doing it, he won't have a long future. Hubby was mumbling something about a shovel!!

  3. Brandi looks very colour coordinated there. Perhaps she could be a toilet roll cover !
    Your Baxter & my Dillon are both attention seeking boys !

    1. Yes but I bet Dillon isn't underhanded and sneaky!