Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday, Monday....

Now where I live it is the middle of winter. I don't particularly like the cold, but I must say the early mornings with the fog and frost are just beautiful. Poor Soba has decided that the majority of winter should be spent sleeping in his shed, while Baxter -well Baxter is just being Baxter. The cats have decided that the best winter sleeping spots are on us - literally. I have lost count of the number of times I have woken up during the night because of an ache caused by a heavy cat lump happily  dreaming on my stomach.

Beautiful Lake Narracan

Wild flowers near Blue Rock Dam

Magnificent outlook over Noojee
Nothing is better than rugging up and going bush walking or for a country drive. We are lucky enought to live in a beautiful part of Victoria where we are an hour away from bush-walking, skiing, breathtaking beaches-you name it, we are near it. Today, we decided to take a short drive. Three and half hours later one very happy Bonsaimum and Hubby decided that we had better head for home or No.2 son might decide to change the locks.

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