Saturday, 21 July 2012

At Last

Finally, the friday night weather report sounded promising for at least the first half of saturday. With the fishing gear, picnic rug and camera packed, off we went for a morning fish. We decided to go to the dam and driving there was lovely with the fog everywhere. I found a perfect spot under a tree and hubby was a contented man for the next two and a bit hours, being teased by the trout. A few fishermen had arrived much earlier accounting for the three or so 4wd with trailers. It was just heaven listening to the birds, the beautiful scenery and having absolutely nothing else to do but relax.

In a world where everything is on fast forward it is nice to have a place to go and just be. The mind needs it and the body needs it. Quiet time is a gift to ourselves and we should do it regularly. One particular waterbird decided to check us out and it was such a hoot to watch it paddle away at warp speed when I got a bit too close.

It seems that some fun was had the night before at the dam. A young guy had decided he wanted to fish at night but somehow managed to have his car slide and the front wheel fall off the edge of the lake. He and his friends turned up later in the morning, and as we left, they were going to winch it out.

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