Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fishing mark 2.

What? You want me to keep walking?
Since last week turned out so lovely, we decided to try our luck again this weekend. This time I decided to take Baxter along as we could go exploring and leave Hubby to play with the fish. Well what a difference a week makes. Cold, so very cold, and after about half a hour of walking, Baxter decided he was not having any more of this walking business. You would be suprised just how strong a Dacshund can be when he wants to. The little darling planted his dainty little feet on the ground and refused to move.

Well I was not going to be upstaged by the little ratbag and gave him a long lecture on how this bracing weather was so good for his constitution and the scenery just splendid. Well, did it work? Lets just say that when Hubby returned to the car not long after,( he too was beaten by the cold), there I was in the car with Baxter asleep on my lap.

Yes yes, nice scenery

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