Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wet Sunday

Since its a miserable day today , I finally decided to pot the cuttings that my friends gave me earlier in the week. I was given a few more geraniums, a begonia, rosemary for the veggie patch and a cutting that I have no idea what it is - basically I've forgotten. I hope thay take as the lovely heirloom geranium cuttings I got a while ago have turned into beautiful plants.

 I also save the recyclable meat trays and use them for seedlings. I had some lovely deep ones drying out the back and Soba decided that they looked absolutely delicious. Damn dog. If he decides to try out my cuttings, I hope he can run fast because I am pretty handy with a shovel!

Soba is already on probation. He knows that he absolutely not allowed in my side garden bed. I love azaleas and that is my spot for them. So the sneaky sod waits till I am not around and happily romps through them. I have a beautiful white one that I planted next to a bush to give it some protection. He flattened it. Thankfully I had enough left to replant it and see if it takes again.

Since I was out with the camera I will put up two of my beautiful pink azaleas. They are not to every ones taste, but I just love the flowers. The leaves do have a sooty type mould on them, but I tend to let the plant build its own defences and they tend to become strong and healthy- survival of the fittest. Now where is that dog?

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