Thursday, 31 May 2012


Every so often, I feel the need to go somewhere different and 'meditate', or just mull over events. When this happens I usually drive down to our local park, which I happen to think is quite lovely. No matter how bad a problem seems to be, or if I just have a day when I feel quite blue, just sitting in the park always has me feeling better when I leave. I find that as our town becomes overcrowded and housing estates multiply with the associated downsides, I appreciate the quiet and beauty of this green space more and more. I wish I could afford to move out on to substantial land, with no neighbours for kilometres each side, but I guess the population would just keep following. I wish the council would stop the housing spread - we are losing the lifestyle of our once little town. I feel councils and estate agents have a lot to anwer for, as change is not always for the better. We need farms and open spaces, parks and gardens, not more housing estates full of more of the same.

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