Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday at last.

It has been a very busy week with No.2 son starting his mid- year exams. No.1 son needed no encouragement to study as he had a plan and knew it required hard work to achieve it. No.2 son has decided that study is a foreign concept. Those of you who have had the dubious pleasure of being called up to the school to be told basically that he is wasting his time, know what I mean. I swear that I am going to go completely white with this boy-and that is if I have any hair left! He was born very prematurely and when we realised that he came through it with no major health issues, we had an odd feeling that somewhere along the line, he would throw a curveball. Well, we have now met our Waterloo and he is throwing so many curveballs, we have stopped ducking.
It is probably his way of rebelling and things will probably right themselves, but honestly, will I live that long?

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