Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pre-Winter Blues.

Only 3 weeks left till its officially winter. I always start to feel low when it starts to get dark early in the evenings. I don't perk up till I see the blossoms on the trees. I tried living in Queensland for a little while, but got bored as I missed the changing seasons-go figure! Anyway, no.1 son has told me that he is cooking dinner for Mothers Day. Wooohoooo. He is also going to get me a BIG bag of black jelly beans--my absolute favourite, though I can be bribed with the promise of aniseed rings. God, I am so cheap.


A long process
I shook off my laziness and started to work on the window in the study. This project is going to take sooo long as I can only work for about 5 mins at a time paint stripping. The window is about 50 years old and gets wet due to the condensation. As a result we have mould problems, even though we have used paint with mould inhibiter in it. Most people would hire a painter, but being a homemaker, I don't have that luxury, plus with the rates they charge I could probably go on an overseas holiday instead.

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