Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Strange Things.

Well, it's the first day of 2014. Both sons were out last night partying. Hubby had to pick up No.2 son at 1am. Later in the day I heard him muttering that he was too old for such early morning sojourns and off to bed he went for a nap.

Meanwhile, Baxter was doing some wishful thinking. Somewhere in that doggy brain of his, a conversation was going on.
Now my lovely banana muffin, just levitate towards Baxie.


  1. I didn't even stay up til midnight this year !

    Happy New Year to you x

  2. I had to have a little nap this afternoon too, after the dancing and drunken shenanigans of NYE... Hope Baxter got his muffin! xxxx

  3. We stayed up till 12.30 but strangely enough 2014 felt much the same as 2013. I demand my money back!