Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Strange Times.

It seems that strange critters keep turning up at my place. Maybe it's the changing weather or my place just looks inviting, whatever the reason they keep on coming.

I think I'll just let whatever it is go on it's merry way.

Nice Legs!


  1. If that moved into my place, I'd move out - quick !

  2. So what on earth IS that? Oh well, live and let live! xxx

  3. Apparently there is an invasion of False Widow spiders here. Every time Jess sees a spider she utters " It's a false widow ! "

    1. The men in this family have arachnophobia. All I have to do is yell " look at the size of that spider" and they scatter faster than mice. Years ago, I chased Hubby around the house with a Huntsman the size of a teacup saucer, in a container. Its hilarious hearing a grown man squeal!!