Sunday, 29 December 2013

The New Year Approaches.

I am not one to have New Year 'wishes'. I find that at my age I am just glad to wake up in the morning. Everything after that is a bonus. This Christmas Hubby bought me a bicycle and is taking me out, a bit at a time, on gentle rides to help build up my strength and health. Of course not one to be like the rest, I acquired an 'in your face' purple helmet with pink fastenings. I never said I would be growing old gracefully. Ok, its not a motorcycle, but it gets me out and about.

The Mean Machine.
I was hoping to put Baxter in the basket, but due to snacks and Christmas fare, he is uuummmm, slightly on the heavy side. When we go for walks he gets mud on his stomach! So there goes my idea of him in the basket with Biggles goggles on and ears flapping in the breeze. I'll wait till I get a motorbike!!

Me in my Purple magnificence.
Brandi has taken to sleeping in the back of No.2 son's desk drawer. We are unsure just how she manages it. She must be part mouse!


  1. I like the basket and the panniers. Plenty of room for bits of shopping and what-have-you. And the purple helmet is so cool!

    Intrigued by the different clocks. For different time zones presumably?

    1. Nope, one is a clock, one a barometer and one a temperature gauge.

  2. Very fashionable!
    Love from Mum

  3. What a super bike !
    Happy New Year to you x

  4. Just you wait, when you've gained more confidence, and Baxter has been on a new year cutting down regime, you'll be flying along together, just as you imagined!
    One of my cats manages to pull open the divan drawer under the bed and get in amongst my knitwear. Monster. xxx