Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ho Hum.

It is a cold wet day. That can only mean one thing-NO WALK. How can I cope, no planting my feet firmly on the ground and grin at bonsaimum trying to pull me forwards. Ok, she always wins but I just like making the walk a little bit more interesting for her. I know deep down she loves it!
I am bored.
She walks fairly slowly through the park and when I know she is daydreaming I just prop and silently giggle as she is yanked backwards. I know she is saying lovely sweet nothings to me.( smirk). The best bit is when we are on the way home and walking along the street. I wait till there is lots of people around and then decide to 'do my thing', and watch her have to clean it up with the doggy bags. It kills me everytime!! She does love me, really!
Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.


  1. These humans really think they're in control of us dogs. They never realise it's the other way round. I'd hate to disillusion them.

  2. He's a funny boy - and he's got his mum sussed! xxx

  3. Dillon jumps onto the beach from the promenade & produced a huge pile. I have to make a big song and dance about waving the poop bag to spectators who are already looking around for the poop person as I climb down to the beach mortified at the entertainment show. Dillon meanwhile has wondered off.

  4. We have a lurcher that plays tricks like that too :)