Sunday, 9 June 2013

Another lovely winters day.

Ah yes the universe is smiling down on me with a beautiful cold sunny day. Baxter was put in his harness and off we went on our regulation walk. You may notice that I don't mention Sorcha any more. She was a bit too boisterous for me and kept digging holes amongst my collection of weeds, so something had to give. She has now gone to a new home and for that I am grateful. I must say Baxter thinks it was the best move I have ever made!
Start of the walk
Local artists painted Bollards along the walking tracks.
More Yabby holes
The park also has a section of wetlands.
Young Magpie.
Baxter checking out another Bollard.
I was happily walking around with my camera around my neck and was getting some strange looks. I don't know what people thought I was up to. I may look dodgy, but not that dodgy!!.


  1. People are so suspicious, aren't they? Why shouldn't you wander round taking photos of things that interest you? What on earth do they THINK you're doing? Sizing up possible sites for a twenty-storey apartment block?

    I love the painted bollards, they're fabulous.

  2. Some dogs are just too boisterous & need another home - hope Sorcha has found hers x

  3. Nothing wrong with taking lots of photos, just ignore any strange looks!
    Hope Sorcha has settled into her new home. xxx