Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Thought I'd go for a little wander today in the town just west of us. It used to be a delightful little country town but the developers have moved in and the real estate agents are living mighty finely. It is still a good town, but with increased population growth comes all the associated problems including increased crime. Our local paper just reported the arrests of 5 youths, all aged 14 and 15. All were arrested for burglaries, theft etc. Little darlings. Pity the days are gone when the police could give them a kick up the backside.

Anyway, back to the walk. The weather was rather humid and luckily not many people were around. Once, as you drove down to the local park, all you could see was greenery, but now  the housing developments are ruining the view. Oh well, such is life.

Small lake area.
Kangaroo Paw
Water lilies


  1. The lake looks beautiful.
    Why do people have to be so crappy sometimes? xxx

  2. it's all over the world I am afraid. Nice to see a bit of colour, everything is drab here.


  3. That looks a nice area to walk in.

    Sft x