Monday, 17 December 2012

Up Up and Away.

Well Sunday saw No.1 son fly out for three weeks of fun. He is off with some of his friends to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He came home, without his washing, on Saturday to drop off his car and say goodbye. I am not worried. The fact that he virtually had to pry me off him as I hugged him goodbye at the train station..... get off me mum, for god sake get off me, god you are so embarrassing!!

Meanwhile, someone has been eating and killing my cactus.
The evidence.

Was it you Baxter?
Nope. I have an alibi, ask Brandi.
Was it you Brandi?
Nope. I have an alibi, ask Baxter.
That leaves only one suspect.
I should have known-  AL Ladybug CAPONE.


  1. dd has the same problem with her plants, and the culprits names are Olive and Rhubarb, with Olive being the number one suspect!


  2. That looks a little like my sad mini Christmas tree ...and I can't even blame the cats !
    The trip sounds superb ! I have to try to not cry when Jess goes away as she will cry so we both look so like we are trying not to cry it's ridiculous !

  3. Ahh, being embarrassing is part of the job description of being a mum, isn't it? Your son will have a great time away, I'm sure.
    Oh dear, poor cactus... I am a disaster with house plants, and I can't even blame it on the cats! xxxx