Friday, 7 December 2012

High Noon.

I can't believe it. I have been mugged by my own chooks! Here I am, a grown woman of a certain age, being held at bay and pecked if I dare move by 3 femme fatale's. It's No.2 son's fault. He did not do his chores last night and 'forgot' to feed the darlings. They like their special grains and like them PRONTO.

With a deep breath I charged at the posse and made it to the feed container in one piece. 10mins later, with grain in abundance, all is forgiven. In fact it was group hug time.

Gertrude giving attitude.

Audrey looking like she knows nothing.

The femme fatales-Audrey, Gladys and Gertrude.
Meanwhile back at the ranch......

I told you I heard intel on the planned rebellion.

Pssst- heard the latest?


  1. You do make me laugh - Loved your Mince Pie comment at mine !
    Love your girls names. My Ruby looked like your Audrey. I had a Lucy Breese & Roxy too. I had intended to call them, Martha Molly Mable & Milly. When I fed them I called out " Come on girly gerts !" I know how fiesty hens can get about their food !

  2. Who knew hens could be so pushy? It's an education!
    Btw, I was just playing with your virtual cat on the side bar as I read, and one of my cats was very upset by Maukie's miaow, she couldn't work out what was going on and didn't like it! xxx

    1. LOL. My cats are the same-they get very put out.

  3. O,no,mugged by your own chickens!!!