Friday, 26 April 2013


I think I am in trouble again. My Dad forgot his work bag and came back home and left the front gate open. As Mum opened the front door, I scooted out, through the front gate and took off exploring the neighbourhood. No.2 son finally caught me, and Dad was not impressed when I tried to look cute and lay on my back in the middle of the road.

When I finally got back home, Mum yelled at me. I know she was worried as I have absolutely no road sense. So I went out the back to console myself with my tasty,( Mum says revolting), bone.

I thought I would lay low for a while.

I'll let Mum calm down.
My my this bone is scrumptious.
Maybe if I look cute and adorable she will forgive me. Hmmm, I wonder if this is working on her.

Oh oh, she is sitting on the seat looking at me. I think I can still see some steam coming out of her ears.

I hang my head in shame.

YES, she has stopped steaming. She can't stay mad with me for long.

Now I can get back down to the important things in life.
 I heard Dad say 'Bloody Dog'.


  1. you always make me chuckle. Maxine and Molly were both wanderers and I think what you dh said was very mild to what I have said to the dogs over the years!!!

    You can't help but love that face!!!


  2. I know she's got a bone to pick with me, but make no bones about it, I'm in charge around here....

  3. Oh Sorcha, naughty girl... You can't be mad at her, look at her gorgeous face! xxx

  4. Oh please don't go off on your own again, it worries us all. I'm sure your mum and dad have got over the shock and worry.